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Sep 05


Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered how much of a monthly profit owners of mall kiosk stores make? Well, thanks to the rotten economy, not very much. For kiosks located in high traffic zones in well populated malls rent can reach as high as twenty thousand per month. In some parts of the U.S. this number may seem exaggerated, but in Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Miami that number is about average. Typically,  the owners of these small retail stores make just enough to pay their rent and cover their living expenses. That defeats the purpose of being a business owner. The best parts of being a business owner are answering to yourself  and having the money to enjoy life’s extras.

Our suggestion to these struggling owners is: instead of struggling and hanging your hopes on each new day for a giant profit, take out an unsecured business loan and reopen  your store in a space with four walls and a roof in a less expensive location. An enclosed store will bring in more costumers because most people prefer to shop in stores and not browse carts. Retail stores not located in shopping centers (that are managed correctly) have the potential of bringing in as much profit as those located inside the walls of shopping meccas. With an increase in cash flow owners can create an environment where they can provide costumers with a wide array of merchandise, while eliminating the reality that a third of each months profits will go to rent alone.

Aug 31

The New Look of Beauty

Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Permanent make-up is the latest thing to sweep the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. The term “permanent make-up” is simply a glorified term to describe tattooing one’s face. Women from various backgrounds are getting the edges of their lips and eyes permanently lined. Not to mention thousands of females between the ages of 19-40 are getting their eyebrows tattooed on, as a way of avoiding the daily struggle to maintain that perfectly arched shape.

The cost to have one’s eyes lined in black typically runs anywhere between $200-$400. Fully lined lips with full color usually cost around $500-$800 (depending on the state and locality). A certified permanent make-up technician can potentially bring salon owners a little over $100,000 per year in profit. With an unsecured business cash advance from us, salon owners can hire permanent make-up technicians and cash in on this new sector of the beauty industry.

It is no secret that the United States economy is just about as ill as it was during the Great Depression. The fall of the economy forced many entrepreneurs to close their businesses and declare bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy does offer the chance for people to start over, it prevents them from receiving any thing credit based for a decade.

Unfortunately, the hard truth of today’s society is that most renters, cell phone companies, cable/satellite companies, utility departments, car lenders and everyone else judge a person based on their credit score (regardless if they have an abundance of cash in the bank). In fact, credit is so important, that most banks will not take on new customers if their credit is poor. Life is filled with unexpected events that derail a person’s financial health. Credit reports do not contain memos next to each late payment or non payment (such as a memo explaining that Susan was late paying her car payment for three months because her husband died and he was the bread winner); which is why renters and other companies only asses a person value based on their credit score.

Some people are not worried about the ten year plague that comes along with bankruptcy because they plan on using the credit of their family members to get the things they need and want to live. However, just because a person is a relative or close friend does not mean that they can be a hundred percent trusted. We have heard countless stories of family members taking back the assets they helped each other get on credit.

Before you consider bankruptcy call us for a free unsecured cash advance proposal.  Perhaps we can provide you with the money you need to stay afloat.

Aug 23

Bits and Pieces

Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Before the American Economy was put six feet under, small shower glass specialist companies were doing well. Economists estimate that before the recession owners of these companies were making at least $100,000 in profits annually. However, in times like these even the Beverly Hills posh are cutting back on expenses; which is why these  shower glass specialist companies need to expand.

Instead of simply offering a hundred different types of shower glass enclosures they should also offer various bathroom tiles and lightening fixtures. A small business cash advance from us is the perfect way for these companies to get the money they need to fund their expansions.

It goes back to grade school probability. The more merchandise a company has to offer, the better their odds are of making a sale.

Aug 20

Family Ties

Posted by admin in Uncategorized

A year ago Ed’s younger sister and her husband lost their business due to the recession. With no income and only a few hundred in savings Ed’s sister Agnes could not afford to pay the payments on the shiny new blue Jeep Ed helped her get with his credit. Ed could not afford the payments and was denied a loan from three different banks. Despite his grim predicament, he was determined to find a way to save his credit and let his sister keep her sole mode of transportation.

A week before the next car payment was due Ed’s wife Cindy went on the internet and researched nontraditional loans. Soon after, she came across our website and decided to get a free loan proposal. After showing her preferred proposal to her husband they both decided to go ahead with the business cash advance. Ed received a $30,000 advance in which he used to pay off the Jeep in full. His advance not only helped him to boost his credit but also allowed  his sister to keep her car. Now instead of paying the finance company an outrageous amount each month, Agnes pays her brother a moderate sum monthly.

Outsourcing is alive and well and here to stay. Within the past few years numerous American based companies have turned to outsourcing as a way of avoiding the high cost of American employees. Thanks to outsourcing American companies can pay workers in the Philippines and India a fraction of the salary to perform the same task as an American worker would do. Although outsourcing is helping to strengthen these less industrialized countries, it is furthering the catastrophe that is the American economy.

This fall NBC will launch a new comedy entitled, ‘Outsourced.’ As the title reveals, the show will feature Indian citizens working at a call center outsourced from the United States. This show plays on the fact that Americans are well aware that when they dial a customer service number there is a sixty percent chance that the person on the other end of the line will not be speaking to them within the confines of the U.S. border. Some Americans do not mind this because they find it refreshing that through advance technology the globe has been flattened (figuratively speaking); while other Americans are outraged at the growing unemployment rate they blame in part from outsourcing.

An unsecured business loan is the perfect way for employers to get the funds they need in order to keep job opportunities here in America.

The 1.5 billion dollar budget cut California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger imposed on public schools is having devastating consequences. California’s public education was already ranked 47th in the nation before its limited resources were further diminished. Thanks to budget cuts most public schools have had to cut art, music and theater. Not to mention classroom sizes have doubled and staff numbers have been halved.

These developments have made it so that kids in the California public school system are getting less then a second rate education. Text books are outdated (and hanging on by a limb) and teachers are overworked and overwhelmed, which means the students are not getting the attention they need. When teachers have to change a lesson plan originally meant for thirty into one  for fifty the quality and the effectiveness of the plan gets washed away in the chaos of the classroom.

Sadly, not all parents have the financial luxury of pulling their children out of public school and enrolling them into private school. For those parents who own a business they have the option of taking out a small business cash advance and using those funds to pay private school tuition or supplementing their child’s public school education with a tutor. The most important gift a parent can ever give their child is a good education; the more a child knows the more possibilities they have.

Food is one of the four essential core necessities (along with water, shelter and clothing) humans need to survive; which is why it is astonishing that most new restaurants fail within the first year. Most researchers claim that a new restaurant has a ten percent chance at success, while others say that the odds mirror that of a flip of a coin.

Either way, restaurants that are fairly new face a grim reality. The worst part of this reality is that lenders expect new restaurants to fail and because of that they are less likely to provide funding to restaurant owners. For the “lucky” few who do get funding for their restaurants they are forced to pay ridiculously high interest rates.

Here at EZ Business Loans we understand that each owner is unique with their own special circumstance. That is why we custom tailor an unsecured business cash advance for each individual borrower. Our goal is to aid business owners not hinder them with fees and interest rates.

With a sudden jolt of cash flow restaurant owners can do countless things to insure the vitality of their establishments. Including providing live entertainment a few nights a week in order to separate themselves from the other mundane eateries.

Even before the 32% California State University (CSU) tuition increase and the 9.3% increase imposed on University of California Students (UC) students: getting the money to pay for college was hard enough to come by. The tuition increase weighing down the majority of college students in California would be more easily tolerated if students did not feel as though they are paying more money for a lower quality education. University budget cuts have led to the cutting of professors’ salaries and hours, which in turn led to class cuts.

With fewer classes being offered most students are unable to take the classes they want or that they need to satisfy their major requirements. The first day of any class usually consists of a desperate herd of students crowding around a professor begging to be given a spot in their class. It then becomes the professor’s job (much to his/her dismay) to determine which student(s) story is too desperate to ignore. Usually, a lucky five are given spots and the other forty are sent off to go and beg/harass another professor(s).

As if the reality of students scrounging together tuition money and still having to win a bogus lottery to be enrolled in the necessary classes isn’t aggravating enough, the fact that students are getting less knowledge and interaction out of their classes because professors are having to shift how and what they teach is enough to make anyone pull their hair out. With over crowded classes and a lack of teaching assistants, professors are forced to reduce their lecture halls to simple testing zones. A course consisting of nothing other then lectures, a midterm and a final exam is a waste of students’ time; because most college students cram for testing and forget what they’ve learned after their exams are over. The knowledge a student keeps with them over time often comes from group projects, paper assignments and in class discussions.

The harsh reality is that if students want to attend a CSU or UC campus they must endure the ridiculousness of its confines. Although here at EZ Business Loans we cannot erase the numerous issues California college students face, we can offer them the money needed to pay off their tuition via their parents’ small establishments.

Over the past few years it has been estimated that major banks have collected $24 billion per year from consumers solely through overdraft fees. With the recent ruling set by the Federal Reserve these banks will no longer be able to charge overdraft fees (beginning Aug. 15 for old accounts); which means, that consumers can only spend what is in their accounts (no more hits for $35 for going over a dollar at Coffee Bean). As for ATM transactions, if the individual does not have enough funds to cover the amount of their withdrawal they may still receive their desired amount if they agree to a $35 fee. What does all this mean? With the new band on overdraft fees banks will lose an estimated $2.2 billion per year.

In order to keep themselves afloat and competitive banks will make up for their deficit through charging higher interest rates for loans, providing fewer loans, eliminating free checking, charging for deposits and charging a $15 fee for credit reports (among other fees yet to be revealed). Thankfully, the world of unsecured business cash advances is not suffering from major financial blows, which means that in a time where it is nearly impossible to borrow from the banks without starving yourself to pay off the interest, unsecured business loans are readily available.

EZ Business Loans understands the importance of cash for your business, therefore our goal is to provide business cash advances (merchant cash advances or small business loans) needed to operate and grow your business. Unlike traditional bank loans, the process is quite simple and requires little paperwork.

The approval rate for our cash advance is 95% - significantly higher than traditional bank loans. Business cash advances are completely unsecured, does not require credit reporting, and the merchant cash advance is injected into your business in 48 hours.

The small business cash advance and a traditional loan have the same basic functions. Receive funds for your business needs and repay. However, there are significant differences. The business cash advance is completely unsecured, with no assets required. Cash advances do not attach to your business.

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