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Looking for an Unsecured Small Business Loan?

Fast unsecured small business loans for small business owners in the form of a business cash advance based on future credit card sales. Business funding from $5,000-$650,000 per location with no hassle. Get Started with a simple 5 minute phone call, we are ready to fund your business! The business cash advance process is nothing like a typical small business bank loan, the process is quick and you get the funds when you need it most! Based on your future Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Debit Card sales, with no personal guarantee, no collateral, you can receive your funds in two business days! Spend the money for any of your needs, no proof of how the funds are spent required.

Business Cash Advances are the alternative to traditional bank loans. We provide unsecured business loans nation wide. Applying for a typical loan in today's economy is becoming more and more difficult nationwide. A typical merchant small business loan involves many hurdles for a small business owner, with paperwork and a lengthy approval process, low approval rates, collateral and personal guarantees for security, fixed monthly payments, and restrictions related to use of funds. Fill out our form on the left hand side or call us for an instant quote.

Use the Funds for the Following:

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Merchant cash advance can also be used for equipment, remodeling, expansion or any of your business needs. No proof of how the funds are spent required!

56 Million Dollars Funded this Year and Counting!

Getting a small business loan has become all but impossible for the average American since the financial crisis hit in 2008.  While the situation has shown slight improvement over the past few months, unfortunately the continuing sluggishness in the world economy has still made it very difficult for most small business owners.

A Totally Different Kind of Small Business Loan

Our small business loan approval process is very different from a bank's small business loan program. We work based on your expected revenue.  All you have to provide us with are receipts from the past few months of sales along with your bank statement so that we can review your business's overall performance.

Fast Small Business Loan Approval

Another thing that we do that sets us apart from the typical bank you might apply to for a small business loan is that we will not make you stress, while waiting weeks for an answer. We will approve and fund your unsecured small business loan within just two business days.

Did You Say Unsecured?

Yes, we sure did. We don't do the typical bank small business loan. Instead, when you apply for a loan from us, we base our decision on your estimated future earnings. You don't even have to tell us what you plan to do with the money – it doesn't matter to us. All we care about is that your business has the potential to grow.

Is Bad Credit a Problem?

When you inquire about a typical bank loan for a small business owner, the first thing you will be asked for is your social security number. That's because most small business loans are secured by your personal credit and if you have bad credit, small business loans are virtually impossible to come by. However, with EZ Small Business Loans, we don't care what your personal credit history says. That's because our loans are secured by your business, not by your personal credit.

What about Paperwork? Business Plans?

Try applying for government small business loans from the Small Business Administration.   The first thing you'll need (apart from your social security number – remember, a small business loan with bad credit is all but impossible to get, even from the government) is your business plan and a detailed analysis of how you plan to use the money.

Through a simple five minute conversation over the phone, we will work with you to make a decision on granting you a merchant loan. You don't have to give us proof of what you are doing with the money and you don't have to submit a detailed business plan to get approved either.

Ultimately however, we will require some paperwork from you in order to get you approved for a loan. You'll need to send us four months worth of credit card receipts and a bank statement. However, you can leave your business plan in your file cabinet -- we don't need it.

98% of Bank Small Business Loans Turned Down

It's a fact – if you apply for a traditional small business loan, you have about a 2% chance of getting approved after weeks of waiting. That's because banks by their very nature need to be more cautious about their business loan approvals and they are also not really in any position to offer most small business owners a loan.

Compare that to EZ Small Business Loans. We've loaned out over $28 million so far and we approve an amazing 95% of all applications, often within minutes.

How Are We Able to Provide Small Business Loans?

Banks have suffered heavy losses over the past few years and as such, funding for small business loans have all but dried up for most Americans. As we mentioned above, it's starting to get slightly better, but the picture is still bleak as most banks are still trying to recover from the financial crisis of 2008. By comparison, our loans are all privately funded and we have plenty of cash available to offer right now to help you grow your business.

How Do I Pay for My Small Business Loan?

With banks, you have to make a fixed payment every month, even if you've had a financially challenging month. Plus, if you miss a payment, your corporate and personal credit score will be destroyed. With us, your small business loan will be paid back based on a simple percentage of your monthly sales volume. We work with your credit card processor to arrange for payment.   The best part of it all is that you don't have to switch credit card processors in order to borrow money for your small business from us.  You get to keep your current credit card processing company.

Bottom Line

Banks impose massive restrictions on small business loans, requiring you to use the money for specific purposes and ways. We don't do that. We believe that your small business is yours to run and that we shouldn't interfere just because we've loaned you money. Give us a call today and find out how easy it is to arrange for a small business cash advance loan from EZ Small Business Loans.

EZ Business Loans understands the importance of cash for your business, therefore our goal is to provide business cash advances (merchant cash advances or small business loans) needed to operate and grow your business. Unlike traditional bank loans, the process is quite simple and requires little paperwork.

The approval rate for our cash advance is 95% - significantly higher than traditional bank loans. Business cash advances are completely unsecured, does not require credit reporting, and the merchant cash advance is injected into your business in 48 hours.

The small business cash advance and a traditional loan have the same basic functions. Receive funds for your business needs and repay. However, there are significant differences. The business cash advance is completely unsecured, with no assets required. Cash advances do not attach to your business.

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